Lessons from my Calls with Bob (9 of 9)

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As leaders, we are often responsible for juggling many things to accomplish a larger goal. Whether it's increasing revenue, increasing morale, or increasing hires - our roles feed into the "Why" of the company/project we are assisting in. Trouble is, most of us have too many things on our plate, and they all feel important. We easily lose sight of which ones are actually feeding into the “Why” and which ones are not. Then, we find ourselves burnt out and out of balance. Today's lesson (9 of 9 in this 9-part series!) we share a mantra from Bob that will clarify your to-do list and exponentially increase impact towards your goal.

The Power of a Reflective Fortnight

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As an avid journaler for the past two decades, I was asked last week a few times of how to get started on journaling if one is quarantined for two weeks (aka a fortnight). First of all, I recommend you find the silver lining in this unprecedented time and use this time as a gift

Hand in Hand for 40 Years

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So here is what happened... So after a 40 year friendship we decided to spend a week together to celebrate life with our incredible spouses (Diane & Barb) in August of 2019 in Taos, New Mexico with an elevated sense of importance as we both underwent significant surgeries this year to correct issues from our

Inspirational Acronyms

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It's funny how things seem to aggregate in our lives. Here are some inspirational acronyms I came across in the past week: BIBLE- Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth FAITH- Forwarding All Issues to Heaven FAMILY- Father And Mother I Love You GRIT- Gumption, Resilience, Integrity & Tenacity HAND- Have A Nice Day HATE- Having Anger


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