Greetings to the Members of my valuable network!

I have some big news to share, but like all the TV shows that break into a commercial just before they announce something big…sorry I’m doing the same thing and will share the big news in my next blog. This gives me a bit more reflective time to think about how I can share it in a meaningful way.

Now- onto this blog…

For the past year I have noticed that certain quotes really make a deep impact in my thinking where just a few years ago I would quickly pass them by. My relevance antennae has dramatically enhanced and I have countless journal entries to validate the point especially as I’m 1/2 through Journal #71.

This quote from Shakespeare has me thinking deeply about my responses, but also what I would predict as to what I think your responses would be. It would be fun to compare our answers and see how many would actually match or how many are complete surprises or other words “do I really know you!”

Here’s the quote:
“The meaning of life is to find your gifts, the purpose of life is to give it away.”

So today’s blog has 3 very simple (yet quite complex in my opinion) to answer:

1. What are your gifts?
2. What is your purpose?
3. And why do you think I’m even asking you in the first place?

Hint: Life is short!

Reflectively Yours!