As an avid journaler for the past two decades, I was asked last week a few times of how to get started on journaling if one is quarantined for two weeks (aka a fortnight).

First of all, I recommend you find the silver lining in this unprecedented time and use this time as a gift to reflect in ways you have not done before. Maybe for the first time in your working life, the focus to get results is relaxed a little bit, and this provides a great opportunity to make a commitment to yourself, and spend some time reflecting upon your life.

My second recommendation would be to journal for 14 straight days and honesty answer the following 14 questions by recording your thoughts on one question per day.

Here are the 14 reflective questions:

  1. Is there something specific you would like to get out of this time?
  2. What are you grateful for today?
  3. How do you react in times of chaos?
  4. How might someone different from you be reacting to chaos?
  5. What would be a great thing to accomplish in the next ten days?
  6. What are the one or two concerns you need to work on right now?
  7. What friend should you reach out and reconnect with?
  8. Do you trust in what you believe in?
  9. Who is someone you should tell how much you appreciate them?
  10. Is there a current perspective on something you need to shift?
  11. Are you happy?
  12. Is there something you can now binge watch, read, or spend your time enjoying?
  13. How is this time impacting your mental, physical and spiritual well- being?
  14. How has journaling helped you reflect during a challenging time?

Then finally when things eventually return to normal (which they will), schedule some time in the near future to revisit what you recorded and see how your perspective has changed and how much you have changed.

There is a good chance that what you record and reflect upon can change your life forever!

Happy Journaling!