I received it in the mail this week and it made me realize what one can accomplish when in the midst of wicked adversity. It was quite emotional to see the finished product and it took close to 20 revisions with lots of great insights from talented friends to complete it.

The book is called FOUR LOOP LEARNING – The Art of Journaling and Leadership Reflection and is a compilation of 100+ learnings from completing over 70 leadership reflection journals in 20 years. It’s 125 pages.

The whole premise of the book is that over 20 years I have found a large majority of leaders are manically focused on profits and process improvements and people and their purposes take a secondary seat of importance – this is so wrong as your people are everything!!

The solution that I propose and share is that journaling is a great way to slow down (to actually go faster) and that the leaders who are deliberately more reflective are really more effective.

The Four Loops are:
RECORD- what’s relevant to you
REFLECT – on what you wrote
ACT – on the most important learning
SHARE – that learning with others

The book will be available in a hardcopy, soft copy and an e-book. I highly recommend the e-book to be planet earth friendly.

The publisher is waiting on my final edits for the news release and will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Books a Million and Halo Publishing International.

I am so close to being a published author and it’s an incredible feeling of accomplishment with everything I have been through medically in the past few years,