It’s funny how things seem to aggregate in our lives. Here are some inspirational acronyms I came across in the past week:

BIBLE– Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
FAITH– Forwarding All Issues to Heaven
FAMILY– Father And Mother I Love You
GRIT– Gumption, Resilience, Integrity & Tenacity
HAND– Have A Nice Day
HATE– Having Anger Towards Everything
HOPE– Having Only Positive Expectations
LIFE– Love, Inspire, Forgive & Encourage
LOVE– Living Our Values Everyday

These acronyms had me thinking about the words in our lives and the impact they have on our day to day actions. For example when you hear the words ‘you have cancer’ it results in fear driven emotions and all kinds of negative connotations as it did for Barb and me.

Yet after reflecting upon the above listed acronyms, I have a different interpretation I would like share on the word Cancer as I have endured 7 operating room surgeries in the past 18 months to be cancer free from a rare head and neck cancer and have myriad scars to prove it.

Cancer is actually not so bad as it’s just the aggregation of 6 simple letters:

C – Commitment to make a positive impact in your remaining years
A – Adversity is actually a blessing in obscurity
N– Never complain as there is always someone who has it rougher than you
C– Confirms the critical importance of your village: Family, Friends & Care Givers
E– Every little thing now matters more than ever before and the critical need to cherish those things in more concentrated ways
R– Reminder that we really have no control and that we are all in God’s hands

I hope this post opens up some new ways for you to think about the words in your life.

Acronymly Yours!