The art of journaling and writing by hand has been proven to show that you can achieve deeper learning.


Bob has been journaling for over 35 years and studying the leadership best practices from leaders in all types of industries and organizational structures in over 100 countries throughout the world. He uncovered a recurring observation that the leaders who were deliberately more reflective were more effective in achieving results, and this is why his book centers in on leadership journal coaching.


Bob’s passion is based upon the principle of servant leadership; he utilizes his standard practice of journaling to acquire knowledge with one simple goal: to provide leaders journal coaching and in order to become stronger in their roles.

He originally started journaling as a standard practice to capture and refine his own knowledge and then realized that a much larger scale benefit was achieved when he shared his knowledge with others.

Bob’s passion is to share the learnings of his journaling process with others so they can make a noticeable improvement in their leadership practices.


Bob has written Four Loop Learning, a book explaining the 4-loop process of Recording, Reflecting, Acting & Sharing. His second book released in December 2020, called Courage to Lead, co-authored with his daughter Alessandra Cancalosi.

He has also released a custom version of his Leadership Reflections Journal which is kitted together with a 70-page instructional guidebook, called Reflection Points, on how to best leverage the 27-leadership exercises in the journal.

The Leadership Reflections Journal is also available as a stand alone offering and the custom pages align to the Four Loop Learning book.

Bob is nicely recovering from an unexpected medical journey with head and neck cancer and has future plans to share his story in public settings.

The Four Loop Learning website was created to showcase the multiple offerings, provide a process to acquire them and to let you know when Bob will be ready to conduct inspirational sessions.

Enjoy the site and happy journaling!

Headshot of Bob Cancalosi sitting on a beach


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