So here is what happened…

So after a 40 year friendship we decided to spend a week together to celebrate life with our incredible spouses (Diane & Barb) in August of 2019 in Taos, New Mexico with an elevated sense of importance as we both underwent significant surgeries this year to correct issues from our aging bodies.

So we crossed the river 7 times diagonally and gripped hands to get down the bank and then up the bank again and I really needed the help as my balance was compromised from the Proton Beam radiation side effects. We were hand in hand as we have been for 40 years!

We also dined together, attended a fun concert and hiked to 11k+ feet.

3 things to share with you from a 40 year perspective:

1- Best friends are a gift from God! When you are loved for who you are it is one of the great gifts we will experience in life! Make sure your friends  know they are a gift!

2. A 40 year friendship is only possible because of authenticity, patience, forgiveness and a common bond to be the best friend you can be in all circumstances!

3. If you want to test the strength of your relationship, ask yourself a really simple question the next time you are together: “Does it feel like you were together last week?

I’m blessed to have Joel Serra as my best friend for 40 years!  I’ve learned so much from him how to be a better person, how to help others and how to make a lasting impact in our limited journey on earth!


How many incredible friends do you need to reach out to? –  to let them know how much you love and value them?

Please reach out and tell them!!!

Bob C

ps- Joel wrote the Foreward on my first book: FOUR LOOP LEARNING- The Art of Journaling and Leadership Reflection. Thank you Joel as it’s an authentic representation of how our 40 year friendship formed and the incredible impact you have had in my life!