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Four Loop Learning’s philosophy is that leaders who are more reflective are truly more effective. Our founder Bob Cancalosi discovered that deliberate reflection helps leaders slow down, think deeper and implement change with enhanced precision which results in greater impact results. The Four Loops of Record, Reflect, Act and Share is a proven process that accelerates the impact of business journaling.


Bob Cancalosi journals with one very simple goal – to share the knowledge with others to help them unlock more potential as they fulfill their own leadership ambitions. With 31 years of leadership experience at GE, and over 85 journals meticulously kept over the past 20 years, Bob brings the lessons he has learned—in life, and pursuits of leadership—and the tools to apply them with Four Loop Learning, a guide to leadership journaling.

During his tenure at GE, Bob served in the role as Chief Learning Officer for the Healthcare Business for 7 years with responsibility for the leadership development of 60,000 global employees. Then the last 8 years of his career he was the Leader of the GE Crotonville Global Customer Education team with responsibility for the leadership development of GE’s global strategic customers and training over 5,000 customer executives annually.

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Pictured Above: Bob Cancalosi, Founder of Four Loop Learning, alongside his collection of journals over the years.

Pictured Above: Wishlist items donated to Francis Burr Center at Mass General Hospital, through the Mending Crooked Smiles Fund. Items include 2 massage chairs, 10 iPad minis, free journals and kits, and more.


Proceeds from every book and journal at Four Loop Learning directly support the Mending Crooked Smiles fund, raising money for the patients and caregivers at the Francis H Burr Center at Mass General Hospital.

The Story

Over the course of radiation treatment for head and neck cancer, founder Bob Cancalosi discovered his Four Loop journaling method immensely helped him stay grounded through the journey.

He knew he wanted to leverage Four Loop Learning to help those at the Francis H Burr Center at Mass General Hospital, where he received Proton Beam Radiation Treatment.

Because of your support, the hospital has received wishlist items that include: iPad minis, massage chairs, multiple free journals and kits, and brass celebration bells.

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Four Loop Learning

The 4-loop process of Recording, Reflecting, Acting & Sharing.



Bob is a talented public speaker with a knack for engaging audiences across the US. Check out more of his videos.

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