Here are 7 good reasons of why you should keep a journal:

1- Helps you make better decisions because you think deeper before you act

2- Assists in tracking how your learning grows as your point of view constantly gets more refined with knowledge and experience

3- Allows you to find serendipitous discoveries as you are looking for “x” and you find “y”

4- The practice of stopping and reflecting helps you to detect patterns and then make the necessary adjustments to achieve even greater results

5- The ongoing recording of observations and knowledge help you become more relevant and contemporary in your thinking

6- Handwriting is scientifically proven to create deeper memory links in your learning

7- Recording things allows you to write it down in paper and forget about it. This makes it easier to find it when you need it and allows you to sleep better as you don’t have to worry about it

I hope some of these reasons can help you use the power of deliberate reflection as a competitive leadership advantage

Reflectively Yours!