• “An innovative book on how the art of deliberate reflection from handwriting in a journal can help unlock greater leadership potential & results”. The Four Loop Learning book in softcover provides a comprehensive overview of the Four Loops of Leadership Learning: Record, Reflect, Act & Share. The book is 125 pages and contains over 100 life and leadership lessons learned from the creation of over 85 reflective journals over the past 20 years.
  • Today's leaders live in an extremely challenging world with the unprecedented impact of a global pandemic, global warming, and so many violations of Social Justice and Equality. Now more than ever, we need leaders who courageously step up and make a positive impact. This book outlines a seven-part model based on the acronym COURAGE and shares the insights from over 85 leadership journals completed over the past 20 years.

    The hard copy and e-book are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Books a Million, and Halo International.

    Please note that authors Bob and Alessandra will personally sign all website orders of this book.

  • “A custom leadership reflections journal refined from completing over 70 journals in the past 20 years and tested with 50 mentees.” The Leadership Reflections Journal is a custom 250-page journal with 27 reflective exercises to practice deliberate reflection and enhance your leadership potential. The journal has 50 pages of custom content, a blue leather cover and is aligned to the content in the Four Loop Learning Book.
  • A Look Inside:

    Membership Vault View   Your Leadership Vault Subscription provides you with access to leadership lessons typically only provided exclusively during Four Loop LearningConsultations. In the spirit of sharing leadership knowledge, these materials can be yours for an annual subscription of $29.95. What's Inside:
    • Over 15 Leadership eBooks (initially only provided to our Salty Dog Email List)
    • 11 Coaching Cards used with over 50 mentees
    • Over 10 Leadership Development Model Cards (Acronym Lessons from a 31-year+ career at GE)
    • And the inventory will keep growing!
  • "One of our most popular requests by leaders to Four Loop Learning was to create a product that could be shared with the whole family. Introducing, the Lifetime Journey of Journaling kit—complete with three different custom journals, relevant to three phases of life." The Lifetime Journey of Journaling Kit contains three 250-page journals with over a total of 60 pages of reflection prompts and components to unlock greater potential and fulfill your ambitions as you enter, grow, and transition from the working world. Journal 1: Transitions - From School to the Working World Journal 2: Enhancement - Higher Impact as a Leader Journal 3: ReWirement - Purpose Driven Retirement
  • Taking into consideration that 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day, I wanted to create the next continuum of a custom reflection journal for those who are pursuing the next chapter in their lives as they retire from a long-term career into a purpose driven life.

    I have created the FOUR LOOP LEARNING REWIREMENT JOURNAL, so people have a reflective tool to rewire their thoughts and actions into a more meaningful way.

    What's Inside:

    • 250 page journal
    • 83 Pages of custom content
    • 52 Reflective Quotes
    • 27 Reflection Point Models
    • 4 Personal Notes
  • “A custom leadership kit that explains the power of journaling with an instructional guidebook and contains a custom leadership reflections journal.” The Reflection Points Kit contains a 70-page guidebook on how to use the 27 custom components in the journal called “Reflection Points” along with a custom Leadership Reflections Journal. The guidebook contains personalized examples of how Bob uses the contents of the journals to share with others to help them unlock greater potential and fulfill their leadership ambitions.


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