We all know that healing takes a variety of forms and for me the last 9 days of my healing has been related to fly fishing in Wyoming and Montana with my best friend of 38 years, Joel Serra – who is another Angel in disguise. Joel is one of my college buddies from St. Bonaventure and he has and continues to have a profound impact on my life. I’m so grateful for our friendship!

We fished the Green River in WY and the Madison & Yellowstone Rivers in Montana. We caught lots of fish but the best part of fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout is that when you catch them you have to release them.

As I had many wonderful hours of standing up to my knees in waders in the streams with majestic backgrounds and American Bald Eagles hovering overhead, I once again had this notion of “Catch & Release” continue to resonate on my mind.

Where is it in our lives that we spend so much time trying to get (or catch) something and then when we have it in our hands… and we know the most important thing is to let it go – but we don’t!

What exactly is it that we are holding on to?

What exactly is it that we need to let go? (and then keep it gone to really move-on)

Amazing what happens to your thinking when you are in the tranquility of beautiful rivers with so much beauty!

PS- as for Fly Fishing and my recovery from the radiation & chemo- I’m getting better yet still have a long way to go. With a friend like Joel the word hope has never been more meaningful!