Barb and I have been trying to figure out how to address the severe tinnitus I’m experiencing in my right ear from the Proton Beam – which makes sleeping difficult.

She procured me a portable sound machine that has 4 choices of white noise that when I put the device near my good left ear at bedtime, it drowns out the jet engine sound ear ringing in a counterbalancing sort of way – and I can get some well needed sleep.

I’ve set the sound machine to my favorite setting of ocean waves and it works really well!

We are in Bermuda with my entire clan for the week to celebrate life and today I was sitting by the ocean and noticed the real sound of the waves is almost identical to the sound machine. The big difference is that if my eyes are closed the real wave sound is also accompanied by warm winds and laughter from my family.

This almost identical sound of the true wave versus the artificial wave of the sound machine got me thinking about the things that make things really real like the warm winds and my family laughing.

Did you ever noodle on the little things that make life so real for you like:

a warm hug
an authentic smile
a tasty margarita
the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
a friend who looks you in the eyes and says I’m so glad we have been friends for 38 years
a delicious taste of tiramisu
a warm breeze
and a the sound of family laughter nearby

Lets keep on looking for the little things in life that are real and that bring us incredible joy!

Have a great day!