So I’ve been thinking about what you want to be known for as going though a medical journey like mine really does put things into perspective of what’s really important and what is not or should no longer be.

One of the exercises that I created in my Leadership Reflection journals is to ask people what they would like their T-Shirt to say on their retirement day and then to assess if what they are doing today will generate that T-Shirt tomorrow. The goal is to generate alignment or at least be aware of gaps as it’s always better to self correct than be told.

Now not everyone is thinking about retirement so I decided to break this out over time and call it Continuum of Legacy (aka COL) and ask similar questions to where you are in your life or career over a longer horizon of time.

Here are the COL’s:
1. College years – What’s your hashtag?
2. 1st 5 years working years – What’s your highway billboard?
3. Long & prosperous career- What’s your retirement T-Shirt? (aka page 220 in the Leadership Reflections journal)
4. Age 68- what stage are you on and what will your audience say about you (metaphor of a rock star on stage)
5. Epitaph- What would you like your tombstone to say?

It’s actually a very reflective exercise to carve out some time and see what you come up with.

So my question for the day is- What’s Your COL?

Reflectively yours, Bob