21 Proton Beam down and 12 to go!

Speaking of Proton Beam, I want to share how the technicians in the room rigorously set up my treatment which lasts about 30 minutes every Mon to Fri.

After they snap on the mask (which I’m now used to), they make a bunch of physical settings on the machine and one technician calls it out and then another repeats it as the settings are double checked on both the Cyclotron and again on it’s computer. Even though I can’t see it happen, here is what I hear:

Cancalosi aperture “A”  Snout 19.2, Gantry 210, Shifter 30
Bob- stay still- round 1- bell rings
Then this happens again with Cancalosi aperture “B” with different settings as there are 2 treatments from different angles

This reminds me of a NFL quarterback calling a play…. which then had me thinking about some of the successful plays we call in life.

Food for thought- might these be some really good plays to run if you heard the following called out by the quarterbacks in your life: RAOK-2XD, F10, HOLF-ST, SBSS, CPS, LWYD-TIS & GGOYE where…

RAOK- 2xD (Random Acts Of Kindness – 2 times a Day)

F10x (Forgive 10 times more)

HOLF-ST (Help Others Less Fortunate- Starting Today)

SBSS (Stop Being So Serious)

CPS (Cut People Slack)

LWYD-TIS (Love What You Do- Time Is Short)

GGOYE (Get a Grip On Your Expectations)

Thanks again for all of your ongoing prayers! Barb and I are so grateful to be SBL where SBL = Surrounded By Love!