Proton Beam #28 down and 5 to go!

The cyclotron at the Burr Proton Center in the basement of the Yawkey Center at MGH and feeds three different gantries, one at a time.

Sometimes I’m all snapped in on my gantry in room 2 with my snout and aperture settings loaded into the main computer and the technician says, “Waiting on the beam!”

Similar to many of my posts, I get some of my deepest thoughts as I anxiously wait there waiting for my time with the beam.

When I think about waiting for the beam, it makes me think about what am I waiting for in life and I realize I’m not really waiting for anything! I’m taking this entire experience one day at a time and staying deeply connected to my family, friends and faith. I have to say despite the reason I’m here, I’m enjoying my time in Boston and making the best of it! Barb and I have done so many cool things with so many awesome people and for that we are incredibly grateful!

Wishing you all a great day and wondering if any of you are waiting for something. If so, it just might be the time to go after it!