19 Proton Beam down!!

Barb and I are SO blessed with so many incredible friends. Today I’d like to share some significant learnings related to the meals with great people this week.

Tuna sandwich with Mark Vachon.
Mark is one of my talented friends who is helping me take the manuscript of my first book to a new level so I can publish it this year. We spent a-lot of time discussing the importance of using the right words.

Reminds me of a Mark Twain Quote “The difference between the right word and the almost right word, is the difference between between lightening and lightening bug”.

It’s so important to get the words right!

Mark- thank you for the thinking on changing Teaching to Sharing! Home run! Also- thanks for a home made tuna sandwich! (my favorite)

Omelet with Lisa Hogan
I’m always learning (and relearning) the importance of importance from Lisa. She has a saying “Gunning for the Sunset” which to me means if you love sunsets- don’t miss sunsets. Do everything possible to see that sunset. And if you are going to miss a sunset, you better have one heck of a good reason why!

Reminds me of a quote… The most important thing to focus on is to focus on the most important thing. For sure this medical journey gets me to focus on the most important things (Barb, Family, Friends). In a way this is one of the many blessings from all of this!

Lisa- thanks for sharing the importance of sunsets and wow did it ever hit home with me this week!

$12 beers at TD Gardens
So in the midst of all this radiation and chemo- you still have to enjoy every day so Barb and I went to see the Milwaukee Bucks play the Celtics in the 2nd game of the playoffs.  I can go on and on yet I will succinctly say that Celtic fans are CRAZY and they scare me! Barb and I had 2 beers for $24 and it made me realize I wish I had a career in Stadium Beer Distribution.

Barb- thanks for not letting the 4 drunk guys in front of us ruin the game! The Bucks did that on their own!

It’s great to be in the downhill and each meal with each friend is truly priceless as I’m getting nutrition in many different ways!