Just finished Proton Beam #30 and learned some cool things about the Cyclotron that I would like to share and what it means to me.

1. The cyclotron weighs ~ 220 tons- mostly magnet coils & yoke and feeds 3 rooms
2. Takes 267 volts at 750 amps to energize the main coil- enough to power ~ 200 average households
3. The proton beams are produced by ionizing hydrogen gas
4. The protons make ~1,100 orbits and kick our ~52,000 volts each orbit
5. When the protons reach full energy they are traveling at ~400 Million Miles per hour which is 60% the speed of light- then the beam perfectly graces my neck and ear.

So why am I sharing this?

Because we have such a gracious God who created Man and Lightening which are both saving my life. I am a very lucky recipient of the talent of mankind who designed and built the cyclotron that can produce lightening type energy to destroy the microscopic cancer cells.

Even though my skin is starting to burn up a bit, I’m still so grateful every day for God’s gracious gifts. My faith has never been stronger!

3 more to go and then to great days ahead! (after a month or so of healing of course!)