Greetings friends!!

I’m so happy to share that I had all of the stitches removed this week from the Supraclavicular surgery on May 15th in Boston. In it’s simplest explanation my right shoulder was surgically moved, tucked under my neck and the shoulder skin, tissues & nerves were used to patch the open wound behind my ear – all staying attached. The Dr. said the patch looks great and is healing really well. I’m so grateful for that!!

So here’s the really weird thing – when I touch my right ear I feel the sensation in my shoulder right next to my arm pit. It is the strangest feeling and is going to take some time to get used to.

I finally got my haircut this week and when my hair was being cut around my ear it felt like my shoulder was receiving the grooming. Just wild!

This really got me thinking about all the things we do in life where we touch something ‘here’, yet we feel it ‘there’ in a different location.

So, how many times are you helping someone ‘here’ and not realizing the impact that it has helped to get them ‘there’?

Bobby Kennedy refers to this as the “Ripple Effect” where the metaphor of casting one positive stone into a lake can cause a ripple effect that can touch thousands.

This is why it’s so important to be mindful in what you say to people and how you say it as we are all trying to get to our own personal ‘theres’.

Just want all of you to be mindful and keep on paying it forward with good ripples as collectively we are positively impacting so many valuable and deserving people.

Ripplingly yours,