So today I finished Proton Bean #25. Funny that the first thing I thought about was what I was like when when I was 25. I can’t remember so let me continue with what happened today:

Proton Beam 25 down and gained a pound
Chemo 4 done and only 1 more
I’m going to a Red Sox game tonight with my best friend Joel
Hoping to make the 7th inning stretch and catch a foul ball
I’m going to have 2 hotdogs and a beer- please don’t tell anyone
Barb’s out on the town with Jan, Robin & Suzie and I have no idea where they are or what they are doing and I think thats great
Looks like she’s going for back to back PJ party with her great friends at their hotel and I think that’s great too. I’ve got to figure out how to do 3 week birthday celebrations.
Joel’s making sure I got to all my appointments on time so my back is covered.
A nun looked at me in the elevator today and said you have bells palsy right, I said no, I had head and neck cancer but thanks for asking. It took courage for her to ask and I really value that as 99% of the people just stare.
Spoiler alert for Saturday- I’ll most likely not post as typically the 2nd -3rd day following chemo are the absolute toughest.
However I’ll do my best to dream positive thoughts as I sleep most of the day.
Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers!
2 weeks left and SO LOOKING FORWARD to getting back to WI- regardless of the weather!
Have a nice weekend!