OK- some more humor for you as I completed Proton Beam #20 with 13 to go and ready to start a weekend with family and friends visiting.

In December after I had the 12 hour operation for the Parotidectomy, Mastoidectomy, Facial Nerve transplant, Chewing nerve transfer, Thigh muscle facia transplant and the platinum eyelid weight sewn in, I unfortunately had 4 more emergency room operations due to blood clot issues- just plain unlucky! This is why Barb and I were in ICU for 20 days over the 2017 holidays.

On the last operation they asked me if I had any questions before they put me under. I said no medical questions but asked if I could tell a quick story and of course they said yes.

I told them when I was a young boy I would love to lie on my back at night and look up at the stars and just gaze at the incredible beauty of the nighttime sky. Then I told them that the operating lights reminded me of the bright stars in the heavens and I wanted to share my favorite star gazing quote:

“Star light, star bright first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I miss I might,
Ah s**t- it’s a satellite!”

They all laughed for a brief moment and then I was out in < 60 seconds in in there extremely capable hands.

Isn’t that the way life is- sometimes you think you are funny and at the end of the punchline someone knocks you out!

Have a great day and keep the positive thoughts coming!  Bob