It’s hard to believe but the surgery is over and I’m finally discharged after 5 days in hospital recovery. On May 15th a very talented Dr. at Mass Eye & Ear in Boston performed a Supraclavicular Flap (aka “Shoulder Flap”) to close the open wound behind my ear. I’m glad I don’t know how to attach a photo of what it looks like right now as I know it would bring tears to your eyes as it has done to me. I’m pretty carved up as this was my 7th operating room surgery in Boston in the past 17 months.

The goals at Mass Eye & Ear are to first – help people with head and neck cancer and second – make lives better for those who survived head and neck cancer like me.

It’s been an intense week and yet I find myself so grateful for so many things like my wife Barb, my children, my network, the experienced Dr’s, the incredible nursing team on the 11th floor and having insurance to pay for it all.

I have no words of wisdom to share today on this blog as I’m just trying to manage through the recovery and the side effects of ongoing antibiotics.

Well hold on- maybe I do! BE GRATEFUL!