It’s Superbowl Sunday and I’m indifferent as to which team wins as I enjoy the TV commercials the most. It’s always interesting to see what companies will pay $1M dollars for a 30 second slot! Wish they would just give the $1M to those in need.

In the meantime, 5 Updates to Share:

1. Do not let the pursuit of perfection spoil the good enough.
For the past few years I’ve been working on writing and publishing my first book called FOUR LOOP Learning and it’s about a compendium of leadership and life lessons from completing 67 journals in the past 2 decades. The FOUR LOOPS are Record, Reflect, Act & Share. Working on it is a beautiful distraction to manage through the Radiation side effects. I’m thinking it’s good enough to publish so I’m looking into that. If I keep on trying to make it perfect it will never be published!

Are there things in your life that are good enough to do right now?

2. Content is King, Context is the Kingdom and Collaboration is the Universe.
Context is everything and then collaboration to get multiple inputs takes it to a whole new level. I have collaborated with a dozen good friends on the FOUR LOOP book and their insights have been priceless! Collaboration also helps fine tune the Context!

Where are the collaboration opportunities in your life?

3. It’s not WIIFM, it’s WIIFT!
Even though the book content is from the amalgamation of 67 journals, I’m reminded that the success of the book will have nothing to do with me and everything to do with them. The transition from What’s In It For Me to What’s In It For Them is the real advantage and has taken me many years to truly understand the power behind this. I think it’s called Servant Leadership!

When’s the last time you served someone?

4. My spirit is strong but my flesh is weak
I’m still having a balanced blend of good and bad days. On good days I push myself way too hard and then pay for it later. You would think by now that I would have a better handle on this but when I feel good I just want to exploit it. Looks like I’m a slow learner on this one!

What’s something you do that you know better that you should not do? This ones not so easy is it?

5. You must have a hole in your head- really?
I’ve had a hole behind my ear for the past year from the radiation impact to my skin. For people who say, Bob you must have a hole in your head, I can truthfully say “yes in fact I do!” The next round of reconstruction surgery is scheduled for March in Boston.

My thanks for all of the support from so many awesome people!

As for today enjoy the commercials!