During a recent visit with my audiologist to assess the depth of my hearing loss, she asked if I had PTG– aka Post Traumatic Growth.

PTG is when you go though a tough situation in life and the experience unleashes your best qualities with a refined focus to live a happier life.

People that have have PTG say they experience the following 5 things based upon the research of Jane McGonigal who has a great Ted-X on how to add 10 extra years of life.

1. Their priorities change and they are no longer afraid to do what makes them happy.
2. They feel closer to family & friends.
3. They understand themselves better and now know who they really are.
4. They have a new sense of meaning and purpose in life.
5. They are better able to focus on their dreams and goals.

I think I have some of the PTG characteristics as a result of my medical journey, but I have an even more important question for you.

What can you learn from my journey by never going through my journey and have some of these PTG attributes in your life right now?

What are you waiting for as these 5 things are really important?

Maybe it’s time to Act Sooner Than Later.

Food for thought to so many people I deeply care about!