Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow is my 3rd Chemo treatment (out of 6 planned) and is needed to give the Proton Beam a higher concentrated impact.

I’ve been asked what happens during Chemo so I wanted to use today’s post to share what I actually go through in case you are curious.

First of all prior to the Chemo I have to have blood work done to make sure my blood platelets are ample enough to fight infection.

For the first 30 minutes I get an IV of 4 drugs (steroids, benedril, pepcid & naseau) along with an IV flush to make sure I will have no hypersensitivities to the chemo drugs forthcoming- so far NO issues at all.

Then I get my first Chemo drug called Taxol for 1 hour. It’s a drug to address head and neck cancers.

Then I get the second Chemo drug called Carboplatin for 30 minutes and then I’m done.

It’s about 2 days after the combo of the Chemo and the proton beam that I feel like I’ve been hit by a freight train, or maybe the “T” from yesterday’s post. I feel like I have the bad flu without the aches & pains.

I know it may sound strange, yet I’m truly grateful to live in an age where this treatment is available, possible and yields terrific results. You have to love medicine!

Thanks again for all your thoughts & prayers! Bob

Spoiler Alert on Thursday…April 12th is Barb’s Birthday. Recommend you find the Bob Seeger song- “LIKE A ROCK”.