Unfortunately Barb and I did not get the news we were expecting last Friday on my latest scans at MGH. The Dr’s found a spot in the treatment area that they are concerned about and want us to come back in December for a biopsy.

As you can imagine this has been very heavy on our minds so I wanted to provide some perspective as this has been a lifelong challenge of climbing hills, cliffs and mountains.

The Fibonacci sequence is also known as Nature’s secret code and it’s a formula in which each number in sequence is the sum of the 2 numbers that precede it. For example 1,2,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, etc. and you’ll find it in things like seashells and the great pyramids of Giza.

I wanted to do an adaptation of this sequence as I’ve had a series of numbers my whole life on my medical journey of head & neck tumors on my right side. Also- it’s therapeutic for me to write this as crazy as it sounds.

Age 18– Golf ball size tumor detected and removed at Hackensack Hospital in NJ.
Mindset at the time: just get it out so I can make my baseball game

Age 25 (7 years later)- 4 small marble size tumors detected and removed at Lenox Hill Hospital in NY
Mindset at the time: just get them out so I can get back to my career

Age 55 (30 years later and what a run- marrying Barb and bringing 3 healthy children into the world and so many great friends) – 1 large marble size tumor eradicated with 33 Radiation treatments.
Mindset at the time: with Barb by my side this is just another medical blip

Age 57 (2 years later)- pea size cancer invaded my facial nerve and paralyze 1/2 my face.
Surgically removed on Dec 11, 2017 after a 12 hour surgery at MEEI and followed by 33 Proton Beam & 5 Chemo treatments in April/May 2018.
Mindset at the time: one of these days can I please get a fucking break!

Age 58 (< 3 months later with a concerning scan)- back to MGH for a biopsy to figure out next steps. Test of adversity- Round 5!

So back to the adaptation of the Fibonacci…if I add the last 2 numbers together looks like I’ll live to 115 years old. Now that would be some crazy math and I’d probably end up being one giant tumor. 🙂

So in the meantime, it’s just another hill to climb and I’m grateful for a great wife, a great family, great Dr’s and an incredible network of loving and caring friends.

Certainly a time to be incredibly grateful!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Bob