Now that I’m feeling better I started to cut my lawn again as it’s quite therapeutic for me. I noticed that the tractor deck is uneven and the lawn is cut on an angle. I asked my kind and compassionate friend, John Wittak if he could help me level the deck and he did exactly that- thank you John for all that you do for me! You are a good man!!!

Now as you are getting to know me I have 3 things I’d like to share with you on a few other interpretations of “leveling the deck”:

1. Don’t let the pursuit of perfection spoil the good
Mother Nature has provided ample rain and the lawn looks great so who really cares if it’s being cut on an angle. This makes me think about how much time we try to make something perfect when good enough is truly good enough. Maybe the extra effort to try and be perfect really isn’t worth it! Where do you do this in your life?

2. Three point inspection
I’ve got to give a ton of credit to the design of John Deere tractors as they designed a small plastic leveling tool that’s integrated into the console. The leveling tool measures 3 points on the mower deck and you just keep on adjusting until all three points are even. This made me think about 3 things that are important about level headed thinking. Might the 3 points of measure for someone thinking evenly be Forgiveness, Compassion & Acceptance?

3. Leverage the capacity that’s given
OK- back to counterpoint on #1 above…So the tractor is a high precision piece of equipment and it’s designed to provide you with an exceptional cut so you should use all of the built in capacity to have it be the best. My thought on this is about people who have incredible talent but they are not using it to their fullest. Where are areas in your life that you can be just a bit more rigorous in pushing your talents to achieve greater outcomes?

All three of these interpretations serve once again as a humble reminder of how challenging it is to be balanced & even in your thinking. I still have a lot to do on my own personal leveling.

As always I hope these points to ponder can provide you with some positive reflective thinking throughout the summer months!

Reflectively Yours!