Greetings to my incredible network of family & friends. I have not posted anything for awhile because the site was getting bombarded with some links to nasty websites which I DO NOT APPROVE!

There’s an old Oil phrase called “Shut it down we’re pumping sludge”. I was going to shut down this site because of the sludge based links, but for now I’ll keep on deleting them, especially when I have something I’d like to share.

Here is my routine for 2019:

I wake up every morning, look at Barb and say I’m truly blessed!
Then I plant 2 feet on the ground and say I’m grateful I can put 2 feet on the ground!
Then I look in the mirror and still see a 1/2 face that does not work, but happy to share that I’m starting to get some movement as the nerves are starting to come back! YEA!

Then, dedicated to my very good friend Marc who loves my mnemonics, I come up with crazy things like this on Inspiration.

I – I’m doing my best every day and not letting the side effects slow me down
N – Never forget my faith!
S – Strong spouse…like a Rock!
P – Press the MGH Dr.s to better collaborate on my behalf
I – Inform others of my status
R– Really grateful for SO SO many incredible people who care
A – A story that must be told as it’s really therapeutic for me
T– Thank You for all the prayer chains I am in- please keep the linkages going
I – Intimate with God’s grace
O – Optimism really does help healing – plus who really wants to be around Debbie Downer?
N – Never ready to let any part of this medical journey define me. Defining me is already hard enough. Just ask Barb!

Hope you enjoyed a new mnemonic on Inspiration!

Marc- just can’t wait to hear what you have to say on this one! 🙂

Have a nice day!