I am so grateful to so many of you who have reached out to say I am inspirational in how I am dealing and thinking about my medical journey with head and neck cancer. Honestly I think the inspiration is just the residual benefit of wanting to be the leader of my own adversity.

It’s really important to share with you who inspires me. After my 7th operating room surgery at Mass Eye & Ear in May, I was in recovery on the 11th floor for 5 days. The Dr’s want you out of bed as soon as physically possible so I would walk laps around the 11th floor where 11 laps = a mile.

During the 5 days I walked past a beautifully mounted picture of a man by the name of Mike Toth which I stopped and read 55 times. Mike was diagnosed with tongue & throat cancer and lived for more than a decade with unbridled enthusiasm. A very generous family made a substantial donation and named the 11th floor the Mike Toth Head & Neck Cancer Center.

There were three things that really struck me on Mike’s picture which were the following words:
1. That his Dr had one piece of advice – LIVE
2. That Mike always felt he was the luckiest guy on earth
3. And that he lived in Technicolor

It’s the living in technicolor that has been the topic of my reflection and I’ve been deeply pondering on what this could mean and what I could learn from it.

…maximum time with family
…higher concentration of time with best friends
…being grateful with a much higher frequency
…more rigor of bucket list activation
…more diligence in looking for God’s daily miracles

Barb and I had a chance to meet Mike’s wife Susan and her kindness and compassion is another example of technicolor. I’m betting that their 4 children are also living in technicolor as inside every new leaf is the pattern of an older tree and Mike’s spirit is very much alive.

In closing remember the following latin words: aspiro, inspira, exhalo which means “aspire to inspire before you expire”.

Inspirationally yours,

ps- and thank you for your ongoing thoughts and prayers!!!