Tough day ahead: Proton Beam #24 and Chemo #4 today!

Throughout this journey the word “Inspiration” has come up quite a bit and I wanted to share some thoughts on it’s composition.

During the session I did at Harvard last week I was asked the question, how does one become more inspirational as a leader?  What I remember most was that my on the spot answer was enough to get by but honestly not very good.

Now that I’ve spent some time thinking about a smarter response, in my humble opinion, Inspiration is made of the the 6 following ingredients:

  1. Making sure people’s purposes and passions mean more than profits or process improvements
  2. That you care about your people and they know it
  3. That as their leader you value good news and bad news with the same intensity as getting paid to solve problems is universal for all of us
  4. That you have your team’s back, especially when mistakes are made as long it’s not an integrity violation (that’s compliance, not inspiration- entirely separate discussion)
  5. That you make your leadership requests align to what they are really good at and you leverage their strengths
  6. That you are consistently mindful and do numbers 1-5 above while being authentic- no one likes fake or phony leaders as you can spot them a mile away

I hope these 6 points help you inspire more people today!  Remember the latin words: ASPIRA, INSPIRA, EXHALO, which translates to Aspire to Inspire before you Expire!