Today I would like to dedicate my blog to my Brother-In-Law, Roger Goodwin who is constantly on my mind throughout my medical journey in Boston. Our world lost a really good man on January 19th from aggressive kidney cancer and it’s still so surreal to me that he is not here.

Roger was a loving husband to Elaine and a terrific father to 3 great children, Blake, Emma & Abby and unlike anyone else I have ever met, he used his time, talent & treasure to help so many people in need, especially the surviving families of the Sept 11 attacks on the twin towers. He was a true servant leader and in my mind a real hero to be emulated.

I respectfully ask that we all take a moment of silence today, reach deeply in our hearts and pray for his family for the ongoing strength and support for strong days ahead.

In the midst of all of this, Elaine finds the time to send me daily inspirational quotes to help me get through my treatment days. Thank you Elaine- you are truly an incredible person with such a caring heart!

I also feel deep in my heart that Roger is looking down at all of us asking us not to miss the majestic beauty of one sunset and remind ourselves to help the less fortunate in the world as he did so often and in such generous ways.

He was a really good man and I really miss him. I want to keep his legacy alive by sharing my feelings about him on this blog today! Please join me in that lifelong pursuit as all good people must be remembered in big and long lasting ways. Thank You!