Greetings to the caring people in my life!

Just a quick update on the healing progress…

Yesterday (June 13th) was the 5th week of healing since the last Proton Beam treatment in Boston.

The side effects are still a bit challenging- fatigue, inner ear pain and tinnitus that sounds like a jet engine, yet I’m doing OK. The Oncologists did say that it I will feel better by the end of July so I know I have to take it easy and not push myself and that’s not always easy.

I try to do 2 hours of something every day whether it’s reading, walking, writing, gardening, etc and I really do feel a little bit better each day.

On the writing side I’m working on my first book which is basically the instruction manual and lessons learned from writing 64 journals over 20 years. I’m getting lots of great insights and ideas from many friends and am so grateful for their inputs.

I would love to publish it by year end and I’ll keep taking it one page at a time until it’s ready.

I’ll do my best to keep the updates coming on the healing progress.

In the interim, thanks for your ongoing thoughts, prayers & support!