When Dr. Clark at MGH in Boston said this week “Congratulations your scans are clear”, Barb and I felt like a 1,000 weight was lifted off our shoulders. I did not realize the hidden weight of anxiety when you are so patiently waiting for the results. You would have though we would have both felt lighter, yet realistically we were exhausted!

So what exactly does one do with these results? YOU CELEBRATE!

You celebrate the following:
Our gratefulness to God that our prayers for a good outcome have been answered
My gratefulness to Barb who has been an incredible wife and by my side every step of the way
Our gratefulness to all of our good friends who have held us in their daily thoughts and prayers and who have done so much to support us
Our gratefulness to all the great Dr’s and their incredible equipment. It’s great to know that the $100 million dollar Cyclotron did it’s job!

We celebrated with Mark and Karen Vachon at their home in Sunapee, NH which we were so grateful for! Mark and Karen are really angels in disguise and how they care for others is truly incredible! Mark & Karen- you are great! Thank You!

I’ll have more scans later this year, but for right now we are celebrating this milestone which I personally think should last for a couple months.

THANK YOU for your constant support!

Gratefully yours!