2 big anniversary’s today:

Today marks the 1st week of being home and it’s so good to sleep in my own bed! Barb and I are so grateful for all of our friends who took care of our home and dogs for the 2 months we were in Boston.

Also today marks the 2 week anniversary of completing the Proton Beam Radiation and as my oncologist predicted, the radiation impact is accumulative so the side effects of pain, fatigue and constant buzzing in my ear are omnipresent.

I’ve learned very quickly that if I push it too hard that I pay for it ten fold 2 days later so I’m being calculative in what I do. Reminds me of an old quote where my “flesh is weak but my spirit is strong” and I have to give myself the grace to heal. However it’s really hard to sit still so once again I find myself in a new environment that requires some adjustments.

I want to share with all of you how bad sugar is and recommend that you eliminate it from your diets as I have. Spend an hour and watch “THAT SUGAR MOVIE” and you’ll see how bad it is for so many parts of the body and your overall health. Also I found out that glucose is used to grow cancer cells in labs.

I have to return to Boston in August for more scans to assess the impact of the surgery and the treatments. So until then my ambition continues as worrying about tomorrow is a useless emotion.

Thanks again for all your thoughts, prayers and best wishes.

Wishing you all a great day! Bob