As I reflect upon the last year I wanted to share some perspectives and updates as there are 3 really good things happening in the midst of a tough and ongoing medical challenge.

Good Thing 1: Dec 11th, 2017 removal of a rare head & neck cancer with Proton Beam and Chemo as the insurance policy in Boston.

Good Thing 2: Feb 28, 2019 removal of the infected bone and put on industrial IV Antibiotics for 6 weeks. The new pericranial flap is still in a “wait & see” as I’m still in the healing process. Not life threatening, just hard to look at!

Good Thing 3 is for November, 2019 which will hopefully be the last major surgery to connect the 18″ nerve recently taken from my left leg and transplanted as a cable across my face to be connected for future right side facial animation and prevention from biting into my lip.

All in all it’s all about perspective…

Do you let diversity define you if it enters into your life or do you define it? 

I have good days when the perspective is crystal clear and energy gets me through the day. There are other days where things are muddy & murky and complaining seems to be the natural act but no one wants to hear that crap.

The incredible amount of thoughts and prayers from so many people really does help in choosing a positive perspective and I’m so grateful for that.  Thank You!

After all there are many great days ahead.