My friend John Wisdom sent me a text this morning saying after 1 more treatment and I’ll have a record of 33 to 0 – an amazing record by any measure.

Now I have to admit that my automatic response was a quick poem on something about “being in the boxing ring” that could have possibly been influenced by painkillers – OK it was 100% related to pain killers but still worth sharing!

Here is goes…

“As he stepped into the ring and had an awful lot to fear, could he really handle 33 punches to the right side of his ear?

He decided early on that he would control the fight, he would punch right back at the proton beam regardless of it’s light.

With only two more solid punches in a fight that’s almost done, he knew he was going into the ring with a battle he already won.

Right Jab, Upper Cut!”

And the winner is……..