Greetings Friends!

Today I want to provide you with some details on what the body can endure. As you know from the last post I still have a pretty sizable hole behind my ear that needs to be closed because bone is exposed and that’s not good!  We’ve been doing a daily procedure called Wet/Dry dressings to promote healing but progress is very slow and the wound is NOT declaring itself as fast as we would like it to. Good news is the infection is gone as the IV antibiotic is doing its job.

We met with the surgeon this past week and the recommendation is to surgically close the wound with body parts from my right arm.

That got me into counting up all of the body parts and surgical incisions that have been used so far on this incredible journey and the current number is 5 body parts and 12 incisions.

The forthcoming surgery is going to be the 13th surgical incision and 6th body part and I still find it amazing that all of this can be done- wow is the body ever versatile!

For many people 13 is a superstitious number, but not for me. I’m grateful for the 13 incisions because they are working and I’m getting better every day. Cheers to # 13!

That’s it for now!  Bob