I was up early today mostly because of the steroids you have to take the evening before Chemo to prep your body for what’s to come. Today is the final Chemo and I am so happy for that. I know that in 2 days the side effects will be horrible but I’m reminded from the words of wisdom from one of my awesome mentees “to embrace the suck”, as it’s only temporary!

Even though today is Proton Beam 29 with 4 to go, I know the numbers above do not make sense, so let me explain.

Today I completed journal #63 and started #64. I’ve been using the journals to record your quotes, my thoughts, dreams, ideas and observations every day throughout this 2 month medical journey in Boston. (and for the past 20 years).

It serves as the trove of raw material for every post I have written and I’ve created over 150 pages on just the notes & learnings from the Proton Beam and the Chemo.

The journals help me reflect upon my experiences, inspect upon my thinking and then help me direct into better thinking or actions. Simply stated it’s “reflection, inspection & new direction” in an ongoing loop of continuous improvement.

One big learning to share from Journal 63 is about following your passion. There is a sign that I see every week at the desk where I get my blood drawn for the Chemo and it says:

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

Time to set some souls on fire!

Fearlessly yours! Bob