Hi Friends! I want to provide you with an update on the healing status from the Feb 28th Surgery in Boston where the infected bone near my ear was removed.

I’m on day 35 of IV antibiotics which is taken daily directly into a main line in my arm via an elastomeric bulb vs bags & poles. My recent blood work indicates that everything is working to the plan and I’ll be on the IV for a few more weeks.

The open wound behind the ear is a more complex challenge because the rate of it’s healing will dictate the next best surgical option. The Dr’s say that the wound has to “Declare” itself, thus the title of the post. Barb is my wound management expert where she changes it 2x/day with grace and elegance. She’s waiting patiently for something to be declared! I have to wear a giant white ear muff looking apparatus to hold in the dressings in place. Wow- do I get a lot of strange looks!

We are in a “wait & see” situation as the healing process is limping along. There are a few surgical options that we will have to eventually decide upon, but for today- just focusing on the day and being grateful for so many things like good blood work results.

Again, always thankful for all of your support! Have a great April! Bob