What a day! Makes me want to tell a story…and in this case it’s the story about David & Goliath. Not the biblical interpretation or underdog story we all know, but one that relates to my medical journey and it has an opposite dénouement.

In this story, Goliath represents the 100,000 ton cyclotron and David represents the small microscopic residuals of cancer that are being treated with Proton Beam.

The 100,000 ton Cyclotron, based upon the educational video in the waiting room equals the weight of 73.7 Mini coopers, 13 African Elephants, 1/2 the Statue of Liberty or 1 Boeing 787 Dreamliner with no fuel. Something of this size shoots a proton beam so powerful that the microscopic residuals don’t have a chance. This is the battle of why we are here in Boston and in this story the big guy wins. He has to win! We are counting on his powerful size as the healing advantage!

Thanks to all of the powerful medications taken today that created this story exclusively for your updated reading pleasure!

I know, I know…you think I’m losing it! (but in reality I’m doing just fine as humor really helps the healing!)