Just completed Proton Beam # 12 on Tuesday and wanted to share a few observations from the “T”.  Barb and I take the Mass Transit (aka “T”) from Newtown Center to Mass General every Mon to Fri. The trip is ~45 minutes each way and I wanted to share 3 observations as it’s a perfect environment for people watching and I’m sort of out of it anyway so it keeps me entertained.

1. Eyes are the windows to the Soul yet there is very little eye contact between people. The majority of people are consumed on their smart phones and do not even look up. Most people are looking down – which it appears they are looking at people’s soles and not their souls. Great environment for shoe shopping.

2. Random acts of kindness- there are daily examples of people who proactively give up their seats for the elderly, handicap or patients in need. This is great to see and gives me hope!

3. Land Grabs- every day I watch people quickly come onto the train and hustle to get a seat. Sometimes it even results in a bit of a pushing contest with a mean stare to follow to the seat loser. Barb and I just chuckle as it’s only a short train ride.

Now why am I telling you? Because it made me start thinking about the similarities between the people on the T and the people in our lives.

When we are with people we love…
Do we look them in the eyes and truly cherish every minute we have with them? (or do we stare at their shoes?)
For those who are always helping others (family random acts), are we thanking them for their continued kindness and maybe even saying, that’s a very admirable trait you have and wish I had more of it versus is it even being acknowledged?
And are their land grabs going on (uneven use of family assets, dominating conversations, unbalanced consumptions, etc). Who keeps on grabbing the metaphorical seat?

Just sharing observations as I keep on battling through the treatments. 21 Proton Beams and 4 Chemo’s to go!