Proton Beam 31 Down and the Final Beam is tomorrow.

Today I wanted to share the humility of learning with a quote from Liam Vanbenthuysen who is the Dosimetrist at MGH who calculated the Proton Beam algorithms for my 33 treatments.

“I value that our learning and development is forever a work in progress. With such diversity and richness of sub-specialized expertise, there is always someone from whom we can learn. We value the stimulation and humility that comes with continuous re-education and we also appreciate that we are in a unique position to teach others. The opportunity to share our knowledge with others reminds us of how great we are”

In the world of learning and continuous improvement, what a great quote loaded with some powerful insights:
– Constantly learning from others
– Mindset of re-education (learn/unlearn/relearn)
– Sharing knowledge with others
– Being humble versus being a know it all
– Lifetime of a work in process

I’m so glad that Barb and I came to Boston for our treatment and this philosophy of learning from the teaching hospital at Harvard does in fact provide world class medical care.

Just one more to go!!! Bob