On Saturday morning, Dec 15th, Barb and I were contacted from our Dr. at Mass Eye and Ear to share the results that all 3 of the biopsies taken on Dec 6th in Boston are clear! What great news and what a relief! It was definitely a high week of anxiety with a terrific outcome!!!

Barb and I celebrated by going to see the very last show of Bruce Springsteen (aka the Boss) on Broadway – his final show after 236 shows at the Walter Kerr Theatre. As most of you know I am a raving fan of the Boss and what an incredible treat it was to see him with Barb after receiving the good medical news.

Bruce played non stop for 2 hours and 52 minutes telling the story of his life and aligning them to 15 incredible songs with 2 of them being duets with his wife of 26 years Patti Scialfa. His insights on his life and how he sees the world were inspirational to me!

Bruce is 69 years old and has dedicated his life to his craft. As I was deeply mesmerized in the best broadway show I have ever seen (which I was so grateful to see), I had a few emotional questions that triggered me throughout the show that I would like to share:

1. How many of us are passionate about what we do and do we dedicate our entire lives to being the best we can be in that field?

2. How many of us are quickly approaching 50, 60 or 70 years of age and are in our prime and producing our best work? The word “and” is the key word here. Being in your prime and producing nothing is a sin.

3. How many of us can sing a duet with a friend, spouse or partner and sound harmonious with a soothing cacophony of melody?

It’s amazing how deeply you can reflect about your life when you can see your favorite artist in a show and you can just sit back to enjoy the music, be with a loved one and have fun thinking about your life and the impact you are making in our short journeys.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!