Greetings Network! Sorry for the radio silence as it’s been another tough battle up the Medical Journey hill. A few weeks ago the exposed bone was so infected in my ear from the radiation that Barb & I had a urgent flight to Mass Eye & Ear in Boston as the pain was unbearable. It was a bit surreal as the cancer removal surgery at MEEI was only 14 months ago and everything was a just a bit too familiar. On Feb 28th I had a 5-1/2 hour Operating Room surgery to remove the infected bone and to clean out the infected area resulting in 4 days in IMCU (Intermediate Care Unit) recovery. I was discharged on Tuesday, March 4th and will be on IV antibiotics until mid April in which Barb will be administering- see does it all! The details of the actual operation are too intense to explain right now but I did go through another round of body part harvesting so I feel like a bit of a carved up pumpkin with metal stitches across my head to prove it. I’m overwhelmed once again how many people are reaching out and thought one note to the masses would be best. We are so so grateful to Karen & Mark Vachon for supporting us during this recent challenge. The main goal moving forward is to get well enough to get back to WI the end of this week. Keep the prayer chains flowing! Bob