Thursday was Barb’s birthday and it’s was a wonderful day!

We started off the morning by me sharing a link of 35 video clips from many good friends which brought a great combination of laughter, tears, gratefulness and reflection with all of the heartfelt comments that were made. Thanks to all of you as you made this a very special and emotional Birthday present for Barb that she really valued!

Barb is a ROCK and it’s really important you know what that means to me.

R = Really is kind, caring, considerate, thoughtful, sincere, helpful with out being asked, an incredible friend to so many (ie 35 video clips) and truly an  incredible spouse of close to 31 years.

O = Only finds the best in everybody and every situation.

C = Committed to being a great friend to so many people and living a life of deep faith and love while dedicated to serving others.

K = Keeps things in perspective, connects the dots always thinks clearly under pressure!

I would not be able to be dealing with my medical journey in Boston so well if I did not have the ROCK by my side. Barb- you are the absolute best and I love you immensely!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! To many, many more together!