Last December at this time I was on the 11th floor at Mass Eye and Ear in Boston recovering from the 12 hour surgery performed by a talented team of Dr’s. The nursing team made Christmas Day the best it could be by stringing holiday lights across two IV poles and helping me come us with holiday names for the 62 leeches used to heal me.

Right now I’m sitting in our home in WI knowing that I’ll be home for Christmas this year. The feeling is SO INCREDIBLE and Barb and I are so blessed. The Christmas tree with lights and ornaments has never looked more spectacular.

In the last year I have seen the warm hearts and caring souls of family members and incredible friends who did so many things to support Barb and I through this medical journey.

It is with a grateful heart that we thank all of you for being by our sides, having our backs and just covering us in Love!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
To a great 2019!