Over the past few months I’ve noticed the vision in my right eye has been getting a little bit worse- so I went to see my Eye Doctor who confirmed it and now I’m corrected with a new lens and my sight is much better.

The reason for the post is not really about the eye- it’s about what the Eye Doctor told me. He said, Bob- you have been through a really tough medical situation, yet you keep on talking in terms of 3 months out, next year, next 5 years. He told me that he had gone through something similar and his advice was to stop talking about the future and just really and thoroughly enjoy each and every day.

Now, I know this and I’ve blogged about it, yet it’s really hard to be in the moment and be mindful in 24 hour segments. It’s frustrating when you know something yet keep on defaulting to an old way. I needed the Dr. to give me an important reminded to really enjoy each day and every moment.

So, my question for you….
Are you doing the same thing I am?

Lets all join together and really get into the present moment.
Be grateful for all you have- right now!
Listen with ears the size of Dumbo!
Make sure everyone knows they are loved!
Forgive people in the moment- Cut them real time slack.
and be thankful for the incredible people in your village.

Mindfully yours (at least in the present moment!)