Peter Uchtdorf was quoted as follows:
“It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.”

Well how appropriate is this quote as I’ll be returning to Boston once again on May 15th to have the hole surgically closed behind my radiated ear – thus the metaphor on the revolving door.  If you recall I had to go back to Boston in Feb to address the severe infection on the exposed bone which resulted in surgery to clean things up followed by 64 days on IV antibiotics. The infection is gone and now it’s time to close it up!

My reaction to this is “lets get it done and move on!” There is no benefit in bitching about it and the sooner the surgery is completed the sooner that healing can begin. Once the hole is healed and closed I can start doing things I love like riding a bike and jumping in the ocean.

Adversity is going to happen to all of us sometime in our lives and most likely when it’s least expected.  You really can’t plan for it, you can just react to it when it occurs!  I have found that its much more productive to define adversity than letting adversity define you. Surround your self with a strong network, stay positive and just get it done! Know that there will be a day in which you will look back and say “good thing that was nothing but a short term blip in my long term journey.”

Also, just an ongoing thank you to all of the wonderful family and friends who have been by our side on this medical journey!