Greetings everyone!

Proton Beam #31 done and 2 to go. I’m experiencing some inner ear bleeding which is expected at this time and I’m doing OK with the pain management component and finding there’s always a solution – you just have to stay ahead of things.
Final Chemo was completed last Thursday – yahoo! or maybe that should be YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can’t wait to have red wine be my fluid of future choice versus Taxol & Carboplatan!

An offer to friends who have been following these blogs…

If I can ever be of help in sharing my experience to help loved ones in your family or friends that is or will be going through something similar, just let me know! Knowledge is power and I’ve learned an absolute ton throughout this experience that I would would be open and willing to share with others if it can help.

I’ve been collecting my key learnings from this experience to share with all of you and I’ll do that on my the last post.

Thank you for all of your continuous support! Barb and I are so blessed for the incredible village in our lives. Live is good!