One of the educational methods in remembering the 12 cranial nerves is from the following mnemonic taught in Medical schools:

“Ooh, Ooh, Ooh To Touch And Feel Very Good Velvet. Such Heaven”.

The first letter is the name of the nerve and its function. Here are the 12 nerves:

O – Olfactory (smell)

O – Optic (eye)

O – Oculomotor (eye lid)

T – Trochlear (eye muscle)

T –Trigeminal (biting & chewing nerve)

A – Abducens (outward eye gaze)

F – Facial 

V – Vestibulocochlear (auditory)

G – Glossopharyngeal

V – Vagus (Swallow)

S- Spinal Accessory (shoulder)

H – Hypoglossal (tongue)

The reason I share these 12 nerves with you is because the Proton Radiation that saved my life is the very same reason why 7 of the 12 nerves (bolded) have been impacted, thus the blog name of “You’ve Got A Lot of Nerve”.

I just wanted to share with you that sometimes it’s the same thing that initially helps on the front end that can also cause you issues on the back end. In this case not immediately but a year later. This is why you have to be so diligent in your decision making and understand the risks that are associated.  I was made aware of many of these potential side effects before I started the 33 Proton Beam treatments but the choice to eradicate the cancer was easy.

I wanted to share these learnings with you in the event you ever have to go through a similar challenge.

Reflectively yours,