I keep on being asked why Barb and I keep on coming back to Boston and it’s important to tell you why via a story with 10 important real life attributes.

And the medical student asked the professor, what are the attributes of a great Dr.?

The professor thought about it for a while and answered, the best Dr’s have the required medical & clinical expertise and then they also do the following 10 things:

1- They truly walk in the patients shoes and understand and demonstrate empathy with their situation

2- They are responsive either by phone or their medical record systems

3- Their staff is equally responsive and they are also dedicated to warm and responsive service

4- They actually know things about the patients beyond their medical issues such as their ambitions in life

5- They constantly help with the bigger issues across short and long term time horizons

6- They demonstrate they are 100% with you when together and are not distracted (unless there is an emergency of course)

7- They make sure you leave each appointment with an agreed upon action plan of next steps

8- They discuss things at a medical terminology level that the patient can easily understand

9- They let the patient see that they are human and will make recommendations to other Dr’s who have more expertise in areas that are not their specialization

10- They take the time to teach the new Dr’s and role model these behaviors

And then the medical student asked the professor if there were really any Dr’s that could possibly demonstrate all 10 attributes. The professor said that it’s quite rare to have all 10 of the attributes but there is one Dr. who lives all 10 all the time. The student asked who is this Dr. and the professor said it’s Dr. Mark Varvares at Mass Eye and Ear.

Dr. Varvares is my Dr. and now you know why Barb and I keep coming back to Boston.

Also, this is a picture of Mark and his wife Chris with the newest addition to the Varvares family: Rhea Leona Josephine

BTW- these 10 attributes apply to leadership in all aspects of life so how are you doing in these?

Reflectively yours,